2019 Men’s Golf League Scores, Standings & Weekly Schedule

Great week of golf this week with some great scores posted. Below are some of the highlighted scores for the week:

Monday Night 

  • Bob Peeden – 36
  • John Poalson – 39
  • Mike Norris – 38
  • Bill Silvey – 39
  • Bill Foster – 38
  • Doug Maginn – 38
  • Chuck Seehaver – 39
  • Joe Prather – 39

Tuesday Night  

  • John Duncan – 39
  • Jeff Benson – 37
  • Devin Piccione – 38
  • Dustin Thornberry – 38
  • Bill Boyd – 37

Wednesday Night

  • Pat Brown – 39
  • Devin Piccione – 36
  • Joe English – 36
  • Dave Naragon – 38
  • Kyle Jewart – 38
  • Tom Rhodes – 39
  • Bob Martindale – 39
  • Brian Sears – 37

Thursday Night

  • Rick Hunter – 39
  • Mark Creighton – 37
  • Bob Peeden – 39
  • Kenny Arthur – 39

The complete standings a for this week are posted below.  Just click on the night of the week you want to see.  We also have posted this year’s full schedules and the Weekly Schedule for the upcoming week that shows what team you play and your handicaps for the week.


We only have two weeks remaining in this years season. The Banquet will be held on Thursday the 26th.  The Monday Night League will be shortened to a 20 week schedule, and the Tuesday and Thursday Night Leagues will be shortened to at 21 week schedule.  Wednesday Night has completed their schedule.   The remaining Leagues will have a position round on there last night prior to the Banquet with the exception of the Thursday Night League.  They will play their position round on the banquet night during the year-end 9-hole tournament and players scores will count for both the league and tournament.  This is all subject to change if we get more rain-outs.


Now that the Wednesday Night League is over, we will be starting a weekly Wednesday Night Choose Up starting this week.  This will be open to any player from any of the leagues or anyone with an established handicap.  There is no commitment to play, just call the Pro Shop before 4:00 on Wednesday the day of play and sign up.  We plan to do a shotgun start at 5:00 pm.  The cost will be $10 with $8 going toward the game and $2 toward a skin pot.  The game will differ each week, based on the number of players and will be handicap based.  Check the board this week for more information.  There will also be a sign-up sheet in the Pro Shop.


The Year’s Banquet will be on Thursday night, September 26th.  Something different this year, we will be giving out CASH PRIZES instead of gift certificates.  We will be posting a payout list in the near future.  We will also be holding the year-end 9-hole tournament with cash prizes for top gross & net scores.  The banquet will be catered by Oaken Barrel restaurant down at the banquet tent.  The Oaken Barrel is a well known bar, restaurant & micro brewery in Greenwood known for its great food and craft beer.

We have a few changes at the top of the standings.  Congrats to the teams in the lead listed below:

  • Monday Night – Nate Anderson & Scott Kendrick
  • Tuesday Night – Jason Haywood & Jeff Benson
  • Wednesday Night Winners – Tom Rhodes & Doug Maginn
  • Thursday Night – Dave Cook & Rick Hunter

Monday League Standings-Week 18

Tuesday League Standings-Week 19

Wednesday League Standings-Final

Thursday League Standings-Week 19

WEEK 24 Schedule 9-16-2019

2019 Golf League Schedules

We have had a few league rule changes this year. Click the link below for more information.


Information on MGC’s Men’s Leagues

MGC offers Golf Leagues Monday through Thursday.  Each league night has space for 16 to 20 two-person teams, and the format is a 9-hole net best ball. Over the course of 17 to 20 weeks, teams compete against every other team at least once. Depending on the number of teams, there could also be position rounds. Points are awarded weekly for both match and stroke play.

The cost to join one league night is $50 per person. If a player or team wants to play on more than one night, the cost is an additional $25 per night per person. Your fee includes league dues, handicap, prizes, and the entry fee to the year-end tournament, dinner and awards banquet.